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Keep your Independent Outside Status

By Jonathan Hurren

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Have you been offered a blanket PAYE inside IR35 extension post April 2021?
Retain your genuine independent outside IR35 status by partnering with bluewaveCONSULT to provide a true IT Services model based on Statement of Work (SoW) agreements.
Research across our 20 year strong network of outside IR35 SAP career contractors shows over 95% would not accept an extension moving from outside to inside IR35. The message from their accountants and tax advisors is “under no circumstances to extend on an assignment inside IR35 PAYE”. They warn this will leave contractors vulnerable to HMRC tax liability investigations.

Many SAP Contractors will not extend under PAYE and will be forced to move on. The unfortunate result will be failed SAP programmes.

bluewaveCONSULT can provide you and your client  a simple outside IR35 solution. Through formal SoW’s bluewaveCONSULT will become the ‘Engager’ and be responsible for IR35 determination. Providing an IT Services model based on key deliverables and milestones signed off weekly we will become the Consultancy.
If you contract through a Recruitment Agency their agreement would simply move across to bluewaveCONSULT and the agency would invoice us and continue to pay your company. This model will be totally cost neutral for you and highly cost efficient for your current client.

Download guidance on how to propose this solution to your current client.

Client Proposal

Please contact Managing Partners Vincent Dunlop or Jonathan Hurren to find out more +44(0)1423559559

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