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Alternative to mid-market SIs

Embrace the new market approach to delivering SAP projects 

Where have all the mid-market System Integrators gone? Any SAP User that onboarded Edenhouse, Keytree, iTelligence and AgilityWorks is now working with Accenture, Deloitte, NTT  Data Business Solutions and EY respectively, What are your options if you want to avoid the tier one consultancies?

The ability to augment in-house teams with flexible SAP resources when needed is a proven delivery model but the decimation of mid-market SAP SI’s by recent acquisitions has left a huge resource and capability gap for SAP Implementations for businesses that want to avoid the (arguably) more old-fashioned, slow, and expensive approach of the larger SIs. So, what’s the alternative?

bluewaveCONSULT is working with an experienced partner to create a unique SAP Delivery Consultancy that focuses on delivering client-side SAP integration as a service with the best people, that will provide:

  • The best SAP resources.
  • Simple templated delivery methodology with tooling to support – enabling full self-sufficiency, hybrid augmented expert resource approach or a pay-as-you go service model.
  • Exit based success criteria, so the business is ready to operate independently.
  • Templated delivery methodology with tooling to support – enabling self-sufficiency or a hybrid augmented expert resource approach.

The solution helps reduce the cost of SAP transformation journies by effectively: 

  • Utilising reduced resources – no duplication of roles and team between client and SI.
  • Opportunity to utilise a service-based model so you only pay for expert resources when you need them.
  • Faster implementation with a templated methodology approach that focuses on the end user and reduces the need for lengthy project phases.
  • Unique service-based model for a pay as you need basis, removes the need for long on-site full-time engagements.
  • Standard and Cloud-based approach offers a unique opportunity to implement quicker.
  • 100% on shore delivery, reducing time zone and quality issues.

This model can save £millions per annum on SAP project and BAU costs without sacrificing the quality of service or end result. To illustrate, below is a price saving comparison between our rate card and an example Tier 1 consultancy:

We are excited to be working to create this new approach to Consultacy As A Service. Should you wish to find out more, then please contact Vincent Dunlop,
bluewaveSELECT Co-Founder and Director at  

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