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SAP puts $60m price tag on retaining talent

By Vincent Dunlop

In an interview with Cheddar, President of SAP North America, DJ Paoni claims that retaining every 1% of SAP’s talent equates to $60m. DJ Paoni goes further to say that SAP have launched a number of initiatives to ensure that employees want to stay and that the traditional combination of adequate compensation, a safe working environment and the ability to work with purpose is no longer enough to retain the best people. 

“The next generation of worker really wants their voice to be heard”

DJ Paoni, President, SAP North America

The challenge to recruit and retain top talent will resonate with most ambitious organisations and is enforced by the Gartner research quoted in the interview; that talent shortage is one of the highest risks to business in 2019.

One of the initiatives that SAP has launched to encourage staff retention and to give its next-gen employees the voice they demand has been to invite recent graduates and employees with only a few years of experience with the company to join an Emerging Talent Advisory Board which meets with Paoni once a quarter (Advisory Boards traditionally being the sole stomping ground of high-profile seasoned professionals). The ETAB discusses fresh initiatives for the business, examples listed in the video interview below, and offers advice from a previously untapped demographic on how SAP can best attract and retain high performing talent.  


How do we help with employee retention? 

Clearly as a specialist SAP recruitment business our ability to influence talent retention is more effective at the front end; getting the right people hired in the first place. 

We influence by working closely with customers to ensure that team fit and company culture are on a par with if, not surpassing, the technical requirements of a role when evaluating candidates. It goes without saying that if the fit is equally good for organisation and candidate and both the tangible and intangible aspects of a vacancy are met from the outset the chances of talent retention are off to a good start. 

To underline the effect that getting this right can have in our SAP world, 100% of the SAP resources that we have placed since we created bluewaveSELECT in 2015 have fulfilled assignments through to completion if contract and have still been in post a year after induction if permanent. 

The phrase ‘war for talent’ is not new but equally, its not going away anytime soon.

Top performers with sought after skills will continue to be in high demand and expect to see talent shortage highlighted by Gartner again as a key business risk in 2020. Whether talent retention is worth $60million to your organisation or not, hopefully it is being given the top priority that it deserves. 


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